Its okay… to use LinkedIn


I recently read an article that said LinkedIn was dying out. It was full of Recruitment Consultants, Advertisers and Marketers.

And do you know what. I completely agree. It is full of those people. But it isn’t dying out.

LinkedIn coins itself as:

A networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners.

Where the hell else would you expect recruiters, advertisers and marketers to go??

When I first logged into LinkedIn, it was grossly intimidating. Most of the people on it had ‘CEO’ ‘Director’ ‘Manager’ or my favourite ‘Expert’ in their title. But I persevered anyways.

People offered testimonials, my skills grew and it was actually quite cool to add on everything I’d accomplished whilst still at University.

Over the years, my LinkedIn has changed and adapted depending on what I’m looking for.

So here are 3 tips to get the best out of LinkedIn:

  1. Use LinkedIn Premium…. even if just for a couple of months. It’ll help you figure out your own profile as well as helping you snoop on people in similar roles to you or in roles that you aspire to get to! Also, if you apply for a job through LinkedIn Premium, it’ll tell you whether your profile matches the job and how successful your application could be.
  2. Write a couple of posts. These could be anything from an article on a project you’ve been working on to something you’ve found interesting. I wrote a post about my morning routine before work that got 500 hits!
  3. Don’t be afraid to untick the box that will stop people from seeing that you looked at their profile. There is no shame in getting noticed! Plus who ever got insulted from being in the knowledge that people were checking them out? On the flip of that, if people are looking at your profile- why? Are they a possible contact, customer, employer?

I’d love to hear other peoples tips on how to get the best out of LinkedIn. It really is still okay to use it!


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